Emergency Leave due to COVID-19 Request


If a staff member is required to be absent due to being quarantined, isolated, or caring for someone in quarantine or isolation:

  1. If able to telework from home, no leave will be used.
    1. Telework options are not available for custodial staff, food service staff, paraprofessional staff, or transportation staff.
    2. Employees will be required to be in contact and available throughout the normal workday or contracted hours.
    3. Teaching staff will need to be in regular contact with each class and complete an assessment of student work.
    4. Additional responsibilities may be assigned by the supervisor as needed.
    5. Contact direct supervisor with any questions, clarification, or additional information.
  2. If unable to telework due to illness or caring for ill and required to be quarantined/isolated, then the Emergency Paid Leave will be used.
    1. Entitled to 10 days paid at 100% of your wage
    2. It can be used nonconsecutively.
  3. If required to be quarantined/isolated and not ill or caring for someone that is ill; and choosing to not telework, then you will need to contact your supervisor to discuss if/what leave can be used.
  4. Needed forms
    1. Telework Form and/or FCRA Emergency Leave Form
    2. Complete and submit to your direct supervisor.
    3. The completed form will be shared with the Superintendent and Business Manager to track absent days adequately.
FFCRA Emergency Leave-OPS.pdf, 204.32 KB; (Last Modified on January 5, 2021)