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Facilities Q&As #14

How do I determine the tax impact of the proposed bond on my property? 

The Oakes School District’s financial advisor, PFM Financial Advisors, helped create a tax impact calculator for district residents to understand their potential tax impact if the proposed bond is approved. You will find the tax calculator on the Cost page of the district’s dedicated website: To utilize the tax impact calculator, please reference your tax statements to find the True and Full Value of your property. If you would like help to calculate your tax impact or have questions, please contact Business Manager Shannon Jepson at 701-742-3234.


Was a structural conditions assessment conducted for the building?

Yes. Sandman Structural Engineers conducted a structural conditions assessment for the original 1920 school portion of the Oakes Public School in 2017. The assessment found that, overall, the building has performed well over the 97 years it had been in service at the time of the assessment. It was noted that movements and deflections to the exterior and interior of the building over time have occurred and should be addressed to ensure safe operations of the building. The foundation walls were still in good condition, the exterior brick was in fair condition, and the attic/roof level was in good condition and showed no signs of despair. Re-pointing the exterior walls and joints of the concrete coping was recommended. The interior of the building was, for the most part, in good condition, with a recommendation to strengthen floor joists on the upper two levels of the building. However, the assessment indicated that other specialists were needed to comment on deficient areas noted by facilities managers. This included the heating and ventilation systems, the windows, accessibility, and whether the layout of the existing facility fits the needs of modern means and methods of education. Through the district’s recent long-range facilities planning process, several of these deficiencies were identified and prioritized by the district and the community as issues that must be addressed to provide a healthy and safe learning environment for students and staff. The HVAC system, windows, and accessibility issues are all included in the district’s proposed bond referendum. To read the structural conditions assessment report, visit 

Can I vote by absentee ballot on the bond referendum? 

Yes. Voting by absentee ballot is now available. Your completed absentee ballot must be postmarked or hand-delivered to the Oakes School District Office by Wednesday, March 13, to be counted. Please allow sufficient time for mail delivery. For detailed information on voting, including how to vote by absentee ballot, visit You may also contact Business Manager Shannon Jepson at 701-742-3234.