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Now Hiring: Elementary Paraprofessional

Oakes Public School is seeking a classroom paraprofessional for elementary classrooms for the 2022-2023 school year, responsibilities include:

*Providing assistance to teachers as requested
*Monitor recess and lunch times
*Supervising, instructing, monitoring, and communicating with students and staff
*Assist students with learning tasks
*Maintain confidentiality of work-related issues and records
*ND Paraprofessional Certificate required.
*Part-time or full-time.
*Opportunity to earn a bachelor's degree in elementary education at low, to no cost.

For questions or to apply contact:
Greg Dobitz, Elementary Principal
Anna Sell, Superintendent

804 Main Ave Oakes ND 58474
Phone: 701-742-3234 Fax: 701-742-2812