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World Archery Send Off 6/6

A send off for the archers headed to the World Championship Tournament in Myrtle Beach is scheduled for Sunday, June 6, 2021 at 2pm at the Oakes Community Center. Come cheer them on before they hit to road to South Carolina! #WeAreOakes

Best of luck to each of the following as they compete at Worlds!
Andrew Bellmore
Connor Boe Quandt
Maddox Cline
Parker Deering
Tucker Deering
Keera Erickson
Kaitlyn Folkman
Nate Folkman
Zade Heier
Swaye Jackson
Andy Jones
Hunter Kamlitz
Mason Kamlitz
Miranda Maroney
Braylyn McKown
Bryson McKown
Brody Moore
Braysen Sagert
Alayna Sundby
Chris Titus
Landon Titus
Isaiah Wertz
Clancey Zimbelman
Shayle Zimbelman