Pee Wee Wrestling Information

For the most up to date Pee Wee Wrestling information please visit the Oakes Wrestling Club Facebook page. Please email with any questions.

Pee Wee Wrestling is for all children Pre-K through Grade 6. $20 registration fee per wrestler. T-shirt, shorts or sweatpants, and athletic shoes are required.


Grades 3-6 – Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:30-4:30pm. Pre-K through Grade 2 practice Tuesdays ONLY from 5:30-6:10pm.


Tournament & Registration

2/28/19 Napoleon
3/1/19 LaMoure
3/2/19 Harvey – Individuals AM, Duals PM
3/8/19 Linton-HMB Kids Wrestling Tournament – Register before March 6th
3/8/19 Lisbon “Broncos” Pee Wee Wrestling Tournament
3/14/19 Ashley Kids Wrestling Tournament
3/16/19 Kindred “Tough Guy” Wrestling Tournament
3/20/19 Wishek Kids Wrestling Tournament
3/23/19 Ellendale – See Coach Schall’s email for registration form.
3/26/19 Kulm Kids’ Wrestling Tournament
3/29/19 Oakes
3/30/19 Oakes Region 1 Individuals
4/6/19 New Salem