Tornado Watch

  • Tornado Watch is a non-profit organization that works together with Oakes Public Schools and the community of Oakes to provide support and safety for children and families at times when life is threatening or stormy.

    Suggestions: (not limited to these)

    • School Supplies
    • Sports Fees/Equipment
    • Scholarships for local camps
    • Clothing/Winter Gear
    • Band Instruments
    • Prom Items
    • Personal Hygiene Products
    • Holiday Food Baskets

    Click the below link to complete a Tornado Watch Request:

    Tornado Watch Pay it Forward Request

    This form is intended for teachers and staff, but can also be submitted by community members if you see students, or a family, in need. To maintain maximum confidentiality, please complete the form and email it to one of the counselors below. This form can also be printed and returned to the Central Office., Elementary Counselor, Junior High and High School Counselor 


    If you have questions about the program, or would like to donate, please contact Jessica Quandt (701-710-0234).