• School-wide programs count on parent support. We believe in a partnership between home and school.

    As a parent, you will have multiple opportunities to be involved in your child's education.

    • Parental Involvement Policy (fall)
    • School-Parent Compact (fall)
    • Annual Parent Meeting (fall)
    • Assessing the Parental Involvement Component (spring)
    • Providing Opportunities for Training Parents (on-going)
    • Annual Review
    • Meeting & Schoolwide Review (spring)
    • Student Assessment (on-going)


    By becoming an active participant, you will:

    • Serve as a role model, showing your child that you support his or her education
    • Assure that you are aware of your child's progress, demonstrating to your child how important that progress is to you
    • Teach your child that your input at the school is appreciated and that you support your school's efforts
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