Elementary Attendance Policy

  • Please call or email attendance in to the Central Office by 9:00 AM. Doctor’s notes can be emailed or faxed.

    Phone 701-742-3234

    Fax 701-742-2812

    Email ops.attendance@k12.nd.us

    Attendance in class is necessary for you to get the most possible out of the opportunity to attend school. Without regular attendance, it is impossible for you to do your best work. If you are under 16 years old, state law requires that you attend school unless you are ill or have been excused.

    Students are expected to have parents or guardians call the Central Office PRIOR to 9:00AM notifying them of all absenteeism. If this is not done, the parent will be called. All work missed or assigned because of absence must be completed. In accordance with board policy, approved or excused absences are those that are necessary and/or unavoidable and have received administrative approval. Unapproved or unexcused absences are those that are unnecessary and/or avoidable.

    The administration requires that medical appointments be accompanied by documentation issued by the medical/dental provider. Chronic absenteeism, as defined by the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction, constitutes absences in excess of 10% of school days. At Oakes Elementary School, the first absence audit will be completed October 1st and subsequent checks will be done each Monday following that date. If a child is absent more than 10% of the days that school is in session, the following procedure will be followed to ensure attendance at school: 1.A letter will be sent home to parents informing them of their child’s current attendance status. Any future absences will be considered unexcused unless accompanied by a doctor’s written excuse. 2.If any further undocumented/unexcused absences occur, a meeting will be set up with the child, the parents, and the elementary principal to institute a plan of action for ensuring attendance at school. 3. If still further undocumented/unexcused absences occur, the principal shall report the attendance violation to Social Services or Law Enforcement to be investigated in accordance with ND state law.