Career Planning: Focus, Plan, and Action!


    A useful and easy to use North Dakota web-based career and educational planning program that guides students through the process of becoming self-aware, build their education and career portfolios, and move towards becoming career ready. An education and career portfolio is something they bring with them when the graduate. During high school students focus, plan and action

    How to Login to

    Login= nd.lastname.firstname.birthdate (8 digets=2-month2-day4year)

    Password= birthdate (00 month, 00 date, and 4 digit year)

    Example: Login: nd.Smith.John.02042005 (birthdate is February 4th, 2005)

    Password: 02042005 (birthdate is February 4th, 2005) *you may be prompted to change your password once you log in.

    Nail that Job!

    This guide is for individuals looking to learn about the the application and job interview process, including creating or updating your resume, starting a job search, interview questions and skills, application tips, letters, and resource links to name a few topics for those looking to get into the job market.

    Nursing Career Information

    Nursing Career Information:  This site covers nursing specialties, salary, education, interview skills, testing information, and more.

    Career Interest Surveys

    Not sure what career path you’re interested in? Take one of the surveys below or go to to take the career interest inventories available: Interest Profiler, Career Key, Cluster Finder, Work Values Sorter,  and your results are automatically saved in your Career Portfolio. Parents can even create an account.

    Resume Writing

    Include your resume in your career portfolio. Need ideas or help creating your resume or just update/refresh the one you have? If so, see the Powerpoint, example resume, and template to assist you.

    First, go through this Powerpoint on How to Write a High School Resume.

    Second, download this template to use as an easy guide to writing your own resume suitable for a high school/college student.

    Third, utilize this High School Resume with examples and pointers to help build your resume.

    Last, be sure to save and update your resume frequently! There are many templates available. If you don’t feel this template is suitable for you or the job you are applying for, chose another!

    High School Checklists  > College Planning > College Planning Timeline > click on the grade 7-12