• Oakes Public Schools will provide in-town transportation. The system will not be door to door, rather a system of stops for students to load and unload within the city limits. For information on routes, please contact Transportation Director Dave Ehrlin at the Bus Barn 701-742-2331, or via the Central Office 701-742-3234.

    If your child is not riding, please notify the bus drivers at the numbers listed below.

    Route 1 – Lucas Cline (AM) 701-210-2657; Ed Wentworth (PM) 701-210-2602

    Route 2; 2A – Bobby knodel (AM) 701-210-2313; Shawn Sagert (PM) 701-210-0750

    Route 3 – Bob Miller (AM) 701-680-0476; Reid Garrison (PM) 701-210-1717

    Route 4 – Jeff Wiek (AM) 701-710-0506; Don Henninger (PM) 701-371-6828

    Route 5 – Rod Wertz 701-210-0350

    Route 6 – Don Warren 701-210-0070