State Archery Individual Results

Congratulations to the following archers on a successful season! We are proud of you! #WeAreOakes Check out their individual State results below:

Braylyn McKown

2nd Place Bullseye 275
State Champion 3-D 276

Swaye Jackson

7th Place Bullseye 262
8th Place 3-D 241

Tucker Deering

State Champion Bullseye 279
3rd Place 3-D 264

Isaiah Wertz

2nd Place Bullseye 278
State Champion 3-D 281

Andrew Undem

3rd Place Bullseye 273
5th Place 3-D 263

Brody Moore

4th Place Bullseye 272
8th Place 3-D 257

Landon Titus

10th Place 3-D 249

Kaitlyn Folkman

2nd Place Bullseye 289
3rd Place Overall $1,500 Scholarship
4th Place 3-D 281

Keera Erickson

7th Place Bullseye 284
10th Place 3-D 269

Shayle Zimbelman

10th Place Bullseye 278
7th Place 3-D 277

Braysen Sagert

3rd Place Bullseye 286
State Champion 3-D 291
3rd Place Overall

Chris Titus

6th Place 3-D 280

Lily Wiek

State Champion Bullseye 289
2nd Place Overall $3,000 Scholarship

Ainsley Helgerson

6th Place Bullseye 285
8th Place 3-D 276

Aspen Hill

4th Place 3-D 282

Goldie Loepp

5th Place 3-D 278

Clancey Zimbelman

3rd Place Bullseye 294
3rd Place Overall $1,500 Scholarship
State Champion 3-D 292
1st Place Overall

Hunter Kamlitz

4th Place Bullseye 293
4th Place Overall $1,000 Scholarship
9th Place 3-D 281

Andrew Hill

9th Place Bullseye 290
3rd Place 3-D 289

Kyle Thompson

10th Place Bullseye 289

Conor Schall

4th Place 3-D 286

Mason Kamlitz

6th Place 3-D 284