March 212 Shout Outs!

Thank you to all those that have continued to submit 212 Shout Outs! Your kind words help brighten each day! Congratulations to the following OPS employees on being recognized:

  • Thank you to Mr. U for showing our students that moving their bodies can be fun and enjoyable!! You’re an awesome teacher!
  • This shout out goes to Ann Zetocha. Wow! What a career she has had in teaching. She is truly one of the best. Oakes Public School was lucky to have such a caring, talented and hardworking individual. She has impacted every student that has crossed her path. She has also imparted her knowledge on to many student teachers and beginning teachers. Her guidance is truly valued. Congratulations on your retirement!
  • Mrs. Haafke has been a joy to work with this year during concessions and my child thoroughly enjoys her class-which isn’t an easy feat! Thanks for all you do!
  • Maureen and Cari do a fantastic job of keeping everything running smoothly! It’s easy to communicate with them and they always go above and beyond! Thanks for all you both do!
  • My 3rd graders have grown leaps and bounds this year thanks to Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Peterson! They’re excellent teachers and we’re blessed to have them here! Thanks for all you both do!
  • Mrs. Garza does a fantastic job working with students in the classroom. I have been lucky enough to be a substitute teacher with her in the classroom (on more than one occasion) and she has a tremendous amount of patience and is always so kind! Keep it up!
  • Miss Lund, Mrs. Meierotto, and Mrs. Bopp have been absolutely wonderful to work with! I appreciate the communication and positive (yet honest) feedback when inquiring about my child’s performance in their classrooms. They’re there to help the students excel and it shows! Thanks for all you do!
  • I’d also like to give a quick shout out to Mr. Peterson. I haven’t had to inquire about my child’s performance in Mr. Peterson’s classroom, but he has instilled a love of Social Studies in my child through creative assignments and I appreciate it so very much!
  • Mr. Ukestad and Mr. Lovelace are wonderful Jr. High Boys Basketball coaches! My child grew leaps and bounds this season and I hope they continue to coach for many years to come! I’d like to add that my children enjoy having them as teachers as well! Thanks for all you both do!