Track and Field Day 5/21

The Oakes Elementary Track and Field Day is scheduled for Tuesday, May 21, 2019. Please see below for more information:

1st and 2nd Grade – Students will arrive at track via bus by 8:40am.

We will have 4 groups that will rotate to different stations.  No clocking any students in any races, but just letting them run the race.  Groups will rotate when they have completed the stations at the same time.  Each group will do each station, then all groups will come together at the end for some extra activities.  Students will be back to school at 10:50am for lunch.

Rotating Stations             All Together

-50m Sprint                       -Tug of war

-100m sprint                      -Shoe Kick

-Wet Sponge relay

-Hurdle relay

-Softball throw


Grades 3-6 (After Lunch until 3ish)

There will be 8 groups out at the track for this part with 8 stations to rotate to.  Each student will have already picked the events that they are going to participate in. If they are not participating in an event they will be cheering on the other students in their group’s event.  All groups will rotate at the same time.

Stations                       Extra stations

-50m sprint                  -400m sprint

-100m sprint

-200m sprint                -Tug of war battles

-Long Jump

-Softball throw

-Shoe kick

-Wardrobe relay

-Wet sponge really

Parents are welcome to attend! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Green: