Head Coach: Michael Krause
Assistant Coaches: Roxane Miller, Becca Kourajian, and Brennan Hack

2018 Oakes High School Boys Track Team

2018 Boys Tornado Track Team

2018 Oakes High School Girls Track Team

2018 Girls Tornado Track Team


2018 Varsity Track Schedule

March 17 Varsity @ Concordia 10:00AM
March 24 Varsity @ NDSU 10:00AM
April 5 Varsity @ Kindred 4:00PM
April 9 Varsity @ Lisbon 4:00PM
April 12 Varsity @ Oakes 4:00PM
April 19 Varsity @ Concordia 2:00PM
April 24 Varsity @ Lisbon 4:00PM
April 28 Varsity @ Ellendale 10:00AM
May 1 Varsity @ Wahpeton 4:00PM
May 7 Varsity @ Kindred 10:00AM
May 11 Varsity @ Oakes 4:00PM
May 14 Varsity @ Concordia 2:00PM
May 19 Varsity Regional Meet 10:00AM
May 25 – 26 State Track

2018 Junior High Track Schedule

March 26 JH @ NDSCS 4:00PM
April 10 JH @ Lisbon 4:00PM
April 20 JH @ Oakes 4:00PM
April 30 JH @ Wahpeton 4:00PM
May 4 JH @ Oakes 4:00PM
May 8 JH @ Lisbon 4:00PM

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