Oakes Junior High & High School Staff


The Oakes High School building was built in 1926 and is currently home to 208 students in grades 7 – 12.

OHS Handbook – Follow this link to read the OHS

Bullying Policy/Info – Follow this link for more information on our bullying policy.

Brandon Bata 2017-2018

Brandon Bata

High School Principal

Contact Mr. Bata

Shirley Bendewald 2017-2018

Shirley Bendewald

Library Aide

Contact Mrs. Bendewald

Christine Bopp 2017-2018

Christine Bopp

Junior High Reading, Interventionist

Contact Mrs. Bopp

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David Breitbach

High School Science

Shari Christenson 2017-2018

Shari Christenson

High School Science

Activities Director

Contact Mrs. Christenson

 Leslie Dethlefsen 2017-2018

Leslie Dethlefsen

High School Spanish

Contact Mrs. Dethlefsen

Dave Ehrlin

Dave Ehrlin

Head Custodian

Contact Mr. Ehrlin

Larry Engel

Larry Engel

Technology Director

Tornado TV

Contact Mr. Engel

Presley Forward 2017-2018

Presley Forward

Junior High Math

Contact Mrs. Forward

 Virginia Gramlow 2017-2018

Virginia Gramlow

High School Art

Contact Mrs. Gramlow

Kalyn Haafke 2017-2018

Kalyn Haafke

Junior High English

Contact Mrs. Haafke

Brennan Hack 2017-2018

Brennan Hack

High School Social Studies

Contact Mr. Hack

Kathie Hay 2017-2018

Kathie Hay

K-12 Choral Music

Contact Mrs. Hay

Mike Krause 2017-2018

Michael Krause

High School Math

Assistant Football Coach, Head Track Coach

Contact Mr. Krause

Dareien Lund 2017-2018

Dareien Lund

K-12 Instrumental Music

Contact Ms. Lund

Kayla Meierotto 2017-2018

Kayla Meierotto

Junior High Science

Contact Mrs. Meierotto

Joan Orner 2017-2018

Joan Orner

High School Custodian

Contact Mrs. Orner

Amy Paeper 2017-2018

Amy Paeper

Special Education

Contact Mrs. Paeper

Nolen Peterson 2017-2018

Nolen Peterson

Junior High Social Studies, Assistant Football Coach

Contact Mr. Peterson

Cindy Ptacek 2017-2018

Cindy Ptacek

High School Custodian

Contact Mrs. Ptacek

Shawn Sagert 2017-2018

Shawn Sagert

High School Phy-ed

Contact Mr. Sagert

 Deb Van De Venter 2017-2018

Debra Van De Venter

Para Educator

Contact Mrs. Van De Venter

Janelle Wibstad

High School Counselor

Contact Mrs. Wibstad

 Ed Wentworth 2017-2018

Ed Wentworth

High School English, Speech Coach

Contact Mr. Wentworth

Maureen Wentworth 2017-2018

Maureen Wentworth

Central Office Administrative Assistant

Contact Mrs. Wentworth

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