Oakes Junior High & High School Staff

Brandon Bata 2020-21

Brandon Bata

High School Principal

Contact Mr. Bata

The Oakes High School building was built in 1926 and is currently home to 233 students in grades 7 – 12.

OHS Handbook – Follow this link to read the OHS

Bullying Policy/Info – Follow this link for more information on our bullying policy.

Christine Bopp 2020-21

Christine Bopp

Junior High Reading, Interventionist

Contact Mrs. Bopp

Jody Breker 2020-21

Jody Breker

High School Counselor

Contact Mrs. Breker

David Breitbach 2020-21

David Breitbach

High School Science

Contact Mr. Breitbach

Kalli Bruhn 2020-21

Kalli Bruhn

Special Education

Contact Mrs. Bruhn

Shari Christenson 2020-21

Shari Christenson

High School Science

Contact Mrs. Christenson

Leslie Dethlefsen 2020-21

Leslie Dethlefsen

High School Spanish/Technology

Contact Mrs. Dethlefsen

Greg Dobitz 2020-21

Greg Dobitz

Personalized Learning Coach

Varsity Football Coach

Varsity Baseball Coach

Contact Mr. Dobitz

 Krista Dobitz 2020-21

Krista Dobitz

School Librarian

Contact Mrs. Dobitz

Presley Forward 2019-2020

Presley Forward

Junior High Math

Contact Mrs. Forward

Virginia Gramlow 2020-21

Virginia Gramlow

High School Art

Contact Mrs. Gramlow

Kalynn Haafke 2020-21

Kalyn Haafke

Junior High English

Contact Mrs. Haafke

Rachel Hayenga 2020-21

Rachael Hayenga


Contact Ms. Hayenga

Kylie Knudson 2020-21

Kylie Knudson


Contact Mrs. Knudson

Colt Lien

Colt Lien

High School Music

Contact Mr. Lien

Kayla Meierotto 2020-21

Kayla Meierotto

Junior High Science

Contact Mrs. Meierotto

Jeffrey Miller 2020-21

Jeff Miller

High School Social Studies

Contact Mr. Miller

Amy Dahlstrom 2020-21

Amy Dahlstrom

Special Education

Contact Mrs. Dahlstrom

Nolen Peterson 2020-21

Nolen Peterson

Junior High Social Studies

Assistant Football Coach

Contact Mr. Peterson

Shawn Sagert 2020-21

Shawn Sagert

High School Physical Education

Head Archery Coach

Contact Mr. Sagert

Elizabeth Schieler 2020-21

Elizabeth Schieler

High School Math

Golf Coach

Contact Ms. Schieler

Ryan Schneider 2020-21

Ryan Schneider

High School Math

Contact Mr. Schneider

Deb Van De Venter 2020-21

Debra Van De Venter

Para Educator

Contact Mrs. Van De Venter

Ed Wentworth 2020-21

Ed Wentworth

High School English

Contact Mr. Wentworth

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