Some of the following forms can be completed and submitted online, others might need to be printed and returned to the office:

OHS Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Purpose: The purpose of the Oakes Public School Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor the accomplishments of individuals in areas such as Academics, Athletics, Fine Arts, and Achievement as well as outstanding contributions and dedication to the Oakes Public Schools.

Requirements: Hall of Fame inductees shall include graduates and non-graduates who have made significant contributions to Oakes Public Schools as a member of the staff, administration, school board, volunteers, or the general public. All nominees must be separated from the Oakes Public School for at least 3 years. All nominations will be reviewed by the School Board who may request supporting documentation. Candidates’ submitting information and documentation will be reviewed to determine inductees. The selection of inductees rests solely with the School Board.

Morning Open Gym Student Contract

Facility Usage Form

Fill out the above form for rental of school property. (ie: Gym, Study Hall, MPR, Kitchen)

Tornado Watch Form

WARNING: Tornado Watch Oakes Public School and the community of Oakes will be working together to provide support and safety for children and families at times when life is threatening or stormy.


Free/Reduced Application Forms

Letter to Households

Application for Free and Reduced Lunch

Application Instructions