Oakes Elementary School Staff

The Oakes Elementary School building was built in 1960 and is currently home to 300 students Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.

Oakes Elementary Handbook

Bullying Policy/Info – Follow this link for more information on our bullying policy.

Anna Sell 2017-2018

Anna Sell

Elementary School Principal

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Denise Awender 2017-2018

Denise Awender

Speech Language Pathologist

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Alicia Bata 2017-2018

Alicia Bata

Grade 2

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Kallie Bruhn

Elementary Aide

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Dani Buskohl 2017-2018

Dani Buskohl

Grade 2

Junior High Volleyball

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Shawn Carlson 2017-2018

Shawn Carlson

Hot Lunch Clerk

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Lindsey Courtney 2017-2018

Lindsey Courtney

Special Education

Assistant Girls Basketball Coach

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Leigh Delahoyde 2017-2018

Leigh Delahoyde

Grades 4-6 Language Arts

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Greg Dobitz 2017-2018

Greg Dobitz

Grades 4-6 Math

Varsity Football Coach

Varsity Baseball Coach

Contact Mr. Dobitz

 Jamie Franks 2017-2018

Jamie Franks

Elementary Counselor

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Picture of Arlee Franz

Arlee Franz

Elementary Custodian

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Picture of Reid Garrison

Reid Garrison


Contact Mr. Garrison

Stephanie Garza 2015-2016

Stephanie Garza

Elementary Aide

Contact Mrs. Garza

Kelli Gebhardt 2017-2018

Kelli Gebhardt

Grade 1

Contact Mrs. Gebhardt

Virginia Gramlow 2017-2018

Virginia Gramlow

K-3 Student Performance Strategist

High School Art

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Tyler Green 2017-2018

Tyler Green

K-6 Physical Education

Contact Mr. Green

Kathie Hay 2017-2018

Kathie Hay

K-12 Choral Music

Elementary Music

Contact Mrs. Hay


JoLynn Hankel

Elementary Aide

Contact Mrs. Hankel

Connie Henne 2017-2018

Connie Henne

Special Needs Aide

Contact Mrs. Henne

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Katie Johnson


 Vickie Kelly 2017-2018

Vickie Kelly

Grades 4-6 Reading

Contact Mrs. Kelly

Becca Kourajian 2017-2018

Becca Kourajian

Grade 1

Junior High Volleyball Coach

Assistant Track Coach

Contact Ms. Kourajian

Lori Kunrath 2017-2018

Lori Kunrath

Special Education

Contact Mrs. Kunrath

Jordan Lynch 2017-2018

Jordan Lynch

Grade 4-6 Math

Assistant Baseball

Junior High Football

Contact Mr. Lynch

Roxane Miller 2017-2018

Roxane Miller

Grade 3

Assistant Volleyball Coach

Contact Mrs. Miller

Emily Petersen 2017-2018

Emily Petersen

Grade 3

Contact Mrs. Petersen

Cory Schall 2017-2018

Cory Schall

Grade 4-6 Science

Varsity Wrestling Coach

Contact Mr. Schall

Tara Steiner 2017-2018

Tara Steiner

Title 1

Contact Mrs. Steiner

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Madison Taylor


 Dareien Lund 2017-2018

Dareien Lund

K-12 Instrumental Music

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 Kathy Warren

Kathy Warren

Grades 4-6 Social Studies

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 Ann Zetocha 2017-2018

Ann Zetocha


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