OHS State Music Qualifiers                                   

Congratulations to the following students that have qualified for State Music! You makes us proud! Good luck as you perform at State on Saturday, May 4, 2019! #WeAreOakes

Vocal Solo – Erik Haugen                     Deep River

Vocal Solo – Marisa Garza                   Nel cor

Vocal Solo – Isabelle Haring                American Lullaby   

Vocal Trio – Marisa Garza, Shayla Novak, and Emily Cox             Sigh No More Ladies

Boys’ Ensemble           The Water Is Wide

Caden Christenson, Drew Dethlefsen, Erik Haugen, Ariel Gamon, Ryan Hermes, Kyle Thompson, Harry Tyre, Logan Sell, Ashton Biesterfeld, Adam Mayer, and Michael Iverson.

Boys’ Ensemble           A Song

Caden Christenson, Erik Haugen, Ryan Hermes, Logan Sell, Kyle Thompson, and Drew Dethlefsen.

Tuba Solo: Chloe Schaefer

Trombone Ensemble: Caden Christenson, Taylor Schall, Alex Nelson, and David Schmitz.

Misc. Mixed Ensemble:   Alex Rosas, Emily Cox, Madison Iverson, and Isabelle Haring.

Trumpet Ensemble:   Marden Malmberg, Landon Ptacek, Alex Rosas, Harry Tyre, Emily Cox, Madison Iverson

Mixed Brass Ensemble: Ariel Gamon, Hunter German, Jacob Hankel, Samantha Hermes, Chloe Schaefer, Taylor Schall, Alex Nelson, Emily Cox, Alex Rosas, Madison Iverson, and Harry Tyre.