Whatever it takes – February 2019

By Kraig Steinhoff, Superintendent

Whatever it takes.Last week we had two buses stuck on an evening route. The radio calls from the drivers were within five minutes of each other. Both extra buses were on the regular routes already, so we didn’t have another bus to go and pick up the kids.

This part of the story is what I love about the Oakes community. I secured two staff that volunteered with me, and we drove our pickups out to bus #9 that was stuck in the ditch. In the meantime, the other bus (#1) that was stuck in a farm yard obtained a pull from a community member that volunteered to help. Due to the help from the volunteer, bus #1 was able to finish the rest of the route. Parents collaborated with the driver of #9. Many of them were able to access rides. Additionally, we provided transportation for several of the remaining students, and everyone made it home safely. Bus #9 also received a pull from a friendly community volunteer!

The whatever it takes attitude of our community and staff is heartwarming. This is just one example of how our small town comes together to help each other out. I could write a book on all of the instances like this that I’ve witnessed in my thirteen years of being in Oakes. I would have understood having complaints, or the media called because of our incidents, the poor road conditions and limited visibility; however, our community chooses to work together rather than playing the blame game. Thank you to our parents, drivers, the volunteers, and the front office staff who all worked together to help get our kids home safe.

Thank you, Oakes District #41. You make me proud. I could not ask for more from you and the example you have set for our students on how to be a good neighbor.