Pivotal Moments – May 2018

By Mr. Kraig Steinhoff

Pivotal Moments in life.My life includes several pivotal moments that required a bold decision in order to fulfill my hopes, dreams, and aspirations.  One of my first pivotal moments was asking Nancy to marry me in 2003.  I was finishing my undergraduate degree at NSU and Nancy was in the workforce.  We had differences of opinions regarding where we should live, kids, and financial priorities.  Looking back, I’m sure glad I took the chance and asked the question.  We’re blessed with four children and I can’t imagine life any other way.  Three other pivotal moments include accepting my teaching position in Milnor, administrator position with the SRCTC, and accepting my current position as superintendent.  All of these decisions required me to let go of my comfort zone, change my direction, and experience the pain and excitement of growth and change.

OHS is at a pivotal moment with our Flex Mod Schedule.  We recently held a public forum to address the things that we should keep doing, stop doing, and start doing with our schedule.  I received several compliments from the event but have also received concerns.  Our schedule is far from perfect, however, neither was our 7-period bell schedule.  We know that our first year of Flex Mod needs to have several adaptations for the betterment of our students.  These challenges are under evaluation with careful consideration to not make changes that deter from the benefits of the flexible schedule.

As I think about our students and specifically our seniors, I know they too will face pivotal moments in their lives that will have lasting impacts on their futures.  My hope is that they take the chance and if it changes their life they let it.  Congratulations to the OHS class of 2018!  I am proud of all your accomplishments and am excited to see where the future takes you.  I am confident in your talents, abilities, and dedication.  Don’t be afraid to embrace your own pivotal moments.

“It is in your moment of decisions that your destiny is shaped.” Tony Robbins