Nothing is Permanent in This World – March 2018 

Nothing is permanent in this world, not even troubles. Our local Snowbuster’s Club recently held a sledding day that had 100 kids participate in their event.  The kids had a blast being pulled up the hill by snowmobiles and a UTV with tracks.  The snowmobiles and UTV pulled larger sleds that could hold multiple kids.  Some of the kids actually hung on the back of the sled and drug their legs the entire way up the hill.  It was so fun to see all the smiling faces, laughs, and anticipation from the kids getting a ride back up the hill, each seeking the next best location to sled
down and see how far they could get before stopping.  There were several students I saw that moved after last year to a nearby town; however, it was encouraging how the kids embraced them as if they had never left.  I love how fast kids are able to pick up where they left off and live in the moment with those that they are around.  As we were getting ready to leave, I told my kids we had to go home.  One of their friends instantly developed alligator tears and a big lower lip.  I told the little girl it will be ok, you will see your
friends tomorrow at school.  Her eyes dried up and the big lip disappeared once that thought sunk in.   

As we drove home from the hours of sledding I couldn’t help but think about how the kids had such fun with their classmates and those that visited.  I also thought about how it was tough for some of them to say goodbye and go home after such a fun day of sledding.  This time of year is typically when teacher contracts are issued and therefore the winds of change start to blow across the district.  I can’t help but think about how we have people that leave our lives for one reason or another.  Just as the alligator tears dried, and the lower lip retreated, I believe we must be willing to let others leave us knowing that our paths will cross again.  All of us have our own path we must walk down, and I believe the fact that nothing is permanent in this world should remind us to take a chance, go down the hill, and get back up excited to try it again.