Get Back Up Again – January 2018

This year’s elementary music concert was full of energy and excitement.  I may be a bit biased due to having three sons in the program; however, it was spectacular and I tip my hat to our students, staff, and music program for their hard work and dedication.

One part of the program included having several students step down from their places on the bleachers to sing with a small group of their peers.  As the group was stepping down from the bleachers, one of the children slipped and fell on the way to the microphone.  The student was thankfully not physically injured but had to be distraught knowing that she just fell with 300 of her peers watching from behind her on the bleachers in addition to hundreds of parents, grandparents, staff, and concert-goers watching from the crowd.  (Remembering how nervous I was last year as the superintendent to perform in the 5th-grade band concert I think I would have taken serious consideration to run off stage and avoid having to stand up in front of everyone to continue with the piece.)

I am so proud of our student for her actions following the fall.  She stood up, dusted off her clothes, and stepped up to the microphone to sing with her small group.  As she was preparing to sing she did turn her head several times to wipe away the tears; however, she never backed away from the challenge and chose to stand tall and perform as initially planned.

Vince Lombardi quote

This example is what I hope for all our students.  We are all going to have moments when we fall but must remember that it is getting back up that really builds character.  Thank you, Jillian, for being an example for us all as we face our own falls in life.  We can look to your choice to get back up and use it to help us be confident to get back up again.

The song “Get Back Up Again” from the movie Trolls could be the theme song for this story.

I encourage you – never give up, ever, period.