Our Vision, Mission, and Commitments – October 2017

Mission and vision, past and future.We recently updated the Oakes Public Schools’ Vision, Mission, and Commitments.  I view our vision to be how we should look as a district as we fulfill our mission and our commitments to be what we focus on while accomplishing our mission.  Our newly updated vision, mission, and commitments include the following:  

Our Vision 

The Oakes Public Schools will be known as a family of educators who provide exceptional, compassionate learning in a safe environment that is conducive to learning.   

Our Mission 

Educating today’s students for tomorrow’s world.   

Our Commitments 


Genuine Relationships 

Growth Mindset 

Thank you to Emily Petersen, Roxane Miller, and the Oakes Teacher Leadership Academy (TLA) that toiled over the course of the last school year.  They utilized activities and input from all OPS staff to brainstorm, identify, and pinpoint the final version of our new guidelines.  

Our district will apply these updated guidelines to drive everything we do.  As we move forward in education please help us to keep our vision, mission, and commitments visible to serve our students.  I encourage you to help us live these out from our daily routines all the way to our goals of our strategic plan.    

“Having a dream is what keeps you alive.  Overcoming the challenges makes life worth living”  Mary Tyler Moore