Oakes Public Schools

will be known as a family of educators who provide exceptional, compassionate learning in a safe environment that is conducive to learning.

OPS Philosophy

Mission Statement

Educating today’s students for tomorrow’s world.

We Value


Hard Work



Safe Environment


Positive Attitude


Family Life



We Believe

That everyone can learn.

That people are responsible for their own actions.

That everyone has the right to a quality education.

That everyone is a life-long learner.

That everyone should be treated with respect.

That learning can be fun.

That school should be a safe environment.

That everyone should be treated with fairness.



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About Us

Oakes Public School District #41
804 Main Ave.
Oakes, ND 58474
Phone: 701-742-3234
Fax: 701-742-2812


At Oakes Public Schools, we currently have 502 students enrolled in grades K-12. We employ a staff of 79, including teachers and support staff. Our original building was built in 1926, with the addition of the elementary wing in 1960. Our most recent construction project is our brand new Central Office and Library, which was completed in the spring of 2016.





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